Apps Designed over Coffee Solving Problems of Some of My Best Friends.

Our Approach

SMS stands for Short Message System commonly known as text messaging.  SMS Apps or text messaging app are really popular because about 92% of the time the message is read as apposed to 27% of emails to being read, sometimes hours later or the next time the PC is turned on.  We write niche apps for Women, Millennial's, Restaurants, Directories, Electronic Business Cards.  We also offer 75+ niche industry task and contact management apps which can be further customized to meet your business requirements.

Our Story

SMS Sender is a Dallas based app development company.  It's CEO has programmed before PC were invented or the Internet had a graphical interface.  Apps written for android are developed in-house and app for iOS or iPhone are currently being outsourced.

Some of these app our extensions of websites we have run in the past and are re-launching as apps.  We feel apps will be the future and websites and PC will be replace by powerful smart phones.    It is my feeling that the next generation will see PC and laptops, like we do rotary phones.   Our goal is mobile enable your business.

For retail sales, partnership sales or support please contact:

Charles Kandutsch, CEO
SMS Sender Corp

Meet the Team

The increase in Smartphone and tablet use has forced changes in the way individuals deliver information, services, business, or even the ability to communicate within or outside the household.  When properly designed, and rolled out, mobile apps like the ones SMS Sender Corp creates help boost user productivity, streamline activities and ultimately reduce expenses, generating more income.  We are currently bring to market about 20 apps.  All apps have been developed for Android and we are currently developing the iOS versions to run on iPhone to be released at the same time.

Charles Kandutsch

Founder & CEO Lead Android Team Developer

Charles has been involved in technology since the days of DOS and Bulletin Boards.  Many of the apps are rewrites of programs or websites that have been in use for 20 years by his clients.


Lead iPhone Team Developer

Salman is an iPhone developer professional who develops apps  in Xcode, Swift and just about anything that's possible for the iPhone, iPad or iWatch.  His team focuses on converting the Android Apps to run to iPhone-iOS platform.

Paul Waggoner


Paul is a CPA with experience in both the Public and Private Accounting for various companies.  He has provided help with incorporation, startup accounting, budget and forecasting.

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