Apps for Millennials

Our Electronic Business Cards allow app users to exchange business or personal information with others sharing so much more that what can be fit on a traditional printed card or shared through a smart phone contact share.  Our apps allow users to on-demand send up to six electronic business cards, technically called a vCard.  Once information is entered, these cards allow users to promote themselves and others in various ways. Separate your business from personal life, promote various businesses interests you might have, include members of your team, or include key employees for better customer service. The beauty of the app is its designed to facilitate a card exchange during real world face to face or in the virtual world when you want to connect over social media.  It's the ultimate way to connect because its different than the standard way to share out of your current phone book.  Even though the share uses the same technology, our share provides extra fields including your email, website, blog, picture and driving directions.  You also have the option of including up to 4 additional links which could be a link to your social media account at Facebook or LinkedIn, photo gallery at Pinterest or Instagram, eCommerce store at eBay or Company Website or showcase Company video at YouTube.   What's nice is, where or whenever you meet someone, for business or pleasure,  you can exchange the appropriate card for the situation.  Designed for the times when everyone connects with their phone, and many times never meet face-to-face or even shake hands for business

SMS Sender Apps

All of our apps are located at our website SMS Sender Apps.  Click Here will redirect you to this site.  Thank you.