Electronic Business Cards

Send vCards over Social Media

For those who develop business over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we have a way to send your electronic business card over these social networks which limit the types of files you can exchange.   Most social media sites allow to post pictures, videos and hyper-links and that's about it.  So we scratched our heads to solve the problem of exchanging contact information when no phone or email are available to connect.  What we created is a hyper-link that upon being clicked will download your vCard to recipients mobile device or computer.  This enables vCards file links can be shared over social media as a hyper-link.    Our electronic business card when shared provides fields for your email, website, blog, picture and driving directions.  You also have the option of including up to 4 additional links which could be a link to your social media account at Facebook or LinkedIn, photo gallery at Pinterest or Instagram, eCommerce store at eBay or Company Website or showcase Company video at YouTube.    And son't forget you can include one card for you business or professional life and one card for your personal or dating life. 😉

To create some security and acceptance of this we have created a website v-card.me.   You can create your vCard through any of our electronic business card app and subscribe to our service.   This allows an electronic business card to be exchanged when a phone # or Email isn't know, but a social account connection has been made thru sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or others.  Once a vCard is exchanged with the recipient all they need to do is click on the link and it will download to their phone or PC where it can be then imported into their phone book contact list.  And sharing you card over social media might just give you a chance at some new business development.  Upon sufficient subscribers, v-Card.me may offer participants inclusion in its directory of service providers and promote their services.  www.v-Card.me for more information.


This link will take you to information of the service we have for sharing vCards across social media.