Three Common Technologies We Think We Perfected…

Electronic Business Cards or vCards

Business card apps are the answer for the busy professional who juggles more than one job, or may even have a personal life that he or she wants to keep separate from the office.   Our apps allow users to load expanded contact information including websites, blogs, social media accounts, white page links, eBay stores or even a picture or company logo.  When you have an opportunity to share a card you simply pull up the app and hit share on your card of choice.  You then can share the card with the recipient via text, email, Messenger, What's Up or whatever method they want to receive it.  All the recipient does is touch the card and its inserted right into their phonebook with all of your expanded contact information included.

Smart App Phone Book Directory

It's time to forget about using your traditional cell phone's contact book for anything but entering in your contacts to be shared with other apps.  We bring your favorite contacts in one place where they can be group and categorized like books in a library. Welcome to all new Smart App Phone Book an app for smart contact management.  The greatest difference in using our app is you now locate your contacts by their relationship or purpose they perform for you.   No more query by name, number, company name or by trying to remember key information by how you may have coded it for retrieval.  Once you find the contact you can call, text, email or get driving directions via Google Navigation.  The app goes way further, that once a contact is properly grouped and categorized; their information can be referred to a friend via a electronic business card or vCard.

Import/Export Technology

Many of our apps are designed to include templates that import and export data to and from the apps.  Our three most customized app our Task Manager, Contact Manager and Directory apps.  We have identified 75+ niche industries and all user have to do is cut and paste a template into our import box and the app totally changes for that users needs.  Data being imported can a contacts place card which can be linked to your existing phone book contact to a  listing with complete contact information.  For instance we could import a company employee directory or a city chamber of commerce roster.

Sharing & Exchanging of Information is a Common Thread in Our Apps.

Most of our apps utilize SMS or text messaging to exchange information between users because its read 93% of the time.  But many of our apps allow you to share information by however you connect with a recipient.  That could be by text, email, phone, What's Up, Messenger or whatever you use.  We even have developed a way to exchange your electronic business cards over social media.  Visit for more info.

Apps to Separate Your Business and Personal Life.

A number of our apps allow you to separate your business and personal lives.  Having a separate personal profiles is great when contacting friends, launching a side business or when dating and you don't want to exchange your work information.

Next Steps...

To find an app that suits your needs, visit our portfolio of apps.  We offer apps for women, millennial's, small business large companies, networking, directory information and restaurants.